12 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2020



This itinerary was designed to visit some of the best places in the country for bird and mammal photography. Below is a short description of each place visited:

Trilha dos Tucanos – this is a small lodge just 2 hours south of São Paulo, in the lush Atlantic Rainforest. It is fully devoted to birdwatching and bird photographers. Its feeders are amazing, with a great number of different birds visiting it frequently, like Saffron and Spot-billed Toucanets, Plain and Maroon-bellied Parakeets, Red-breasted Toucan, Red-necked, Green-headed and Magpie Tanagers, Yellow-fronted and Blond-crested Woodpeckers, Black-throated Grosbeak, Blue Dacnis, Brazilian Ruby, Violet-capped Woodnymph, Scale-throated Hermit, to name just a few. There is also a forest hide where we can shoot more shy forest birds, like Brown Tinamou and Spot-winged Wood-Quail. The trails of the property are also excellent for a great number of other birds, including antbirds, woodcreepers, manakins, etc but the feeders alone are worth visiting.

Pouso Alegre – one of the best lodges in North Pantanal for a great number of birds and mammals. Trying to name the bird species we may find here is futile, but to name some of the highlights, it includes Hyacinth Macaw, Sunbittern, Capped Heron, Crimson-crested Woodpecker, Helmeted Manakin, Snail Kite, Gray-necked Wood-Rail, all five Kingfisher species, Chestnut-eared Aracari, Toco Toucan, Red-billed Scythebill, Great Horned Owl, etc. This is also an excellent area for mammals, and we can explore the 6 km private access dirt road to the lodge with our car, looking for them. It’s possible to do some photography from inside the car or from places where we strategically wait. The lodge also has a feeder with good birds like toucans and araçaris. Mammals we may find here includes Tapir, Gray and Red Brocket Deers, Marsh Deer, Crab-eating Fox, South American Coati, Giant Anteater, Southern Tamandua, etc. Nearby drying lakes along the Transpantaneira and in the lodge’s property also gathers great numbers of water birds and caimans in September.

Porto Jofre Millenium House Boat – the best area in the world to photograph wild Jaguars. Its normal to find 3 or more during a day. Here the habitats change often, so we can find them in different situations, and quite often hunting, with cubs, or mating. Here we search the area by boat, scanning the river shores and calling in birds at a few spots I know. Other wildlife we can find includes Giant Otters (often fishing), Jabiru Stork, different hawk species, Rufous-tailed Jacamar and many more bird species. Also lots and lots of Caimans and sometimes Anaconda too. Howler Monkeys are seen on the trees as well. We will stay at a brand new house boat located just minutes from the best Jaguar areas, with very good accomodations, wi-fi, etc.

Piuval – a very good lodge at the beggining of the Transpantaneira. It offers a good introduction to the Pantanal and a good way to start the tour. Accomodations are very good.


This tour will give you amazing photographic opportunities in the Atlantic Rainforest & Pantanal


This tour is guided by our professional guide Alex Freire & a Brazilian local professional guide


This tour was designed to give you the best photographic opportunities possible but non photographers are also welcome


All the destinations in this itinerary are extremely safe for tourists


All you need to know about this Tour

Lush Rainforest and Waterways
  • p/p sharing
  • 12 - 21 September 2020
  • 10 days
  • Professionally Guided
  • Maximum 6 people

Detailed Itinerary of this Tour

Day 1- Sao Paulo/Trilha dos Tucanos

Pickup in Sao Paulo and drive to Trilha dos Tucanos, afternoon dedicated to photography

Included: Dinner

Accommodation: Trilha dos Tucanos

Activity: Transfer, Afternoon Photography

Day 2- Trilha dos Tucanos

Full day at the Trilha dos Tucanos

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Trilha dos Tucanos

Activity: Photography

Day 3- Sao Paulo/Cuiaba

Morning photography and drive to São Paulo and flight to Cuiabá at 16:50 (GOL 1422), arrival at 18:10 and night at Slaviero hotel in Cuiaba

Included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel Slaviero

Activity: Morning Photography, flight to Cuiaba

Day 4- Cuiaba/Piuval

Drive to Piuval. Arrival before lunch. Afternoon activity on safari truck.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Piuval Lodge

Activity: Transfer from Cuiaba to Piuval, afternoon “safari”
Day 5- Piuval/Porto Jofre

Half a day at Piuval and drive to Porto Jofre. Afternoon dedicated in search of Jaguars.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Porto Jofre Millenium House Boat

Activity: Drive to Porto Jofre, afternoon on the boat looking for Jaguars
Day 7/8/9- Porto Jofre

3 Full days dedicated to Jaguar Photography

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Porto Jofre Millenium House Boat  

Activity: Photography
Day 10- Porto Jofre/Pouso Alegre

After breakfast ride to Porto Jofre and drive to Pouso Alegre, at the end of the Transpantaneira. Arrival for lunch. Afternoon activity on safari truck with good chances for Giant Anteater.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Pouso Alegre  

Activity: Transfer & Photography
Day 11- Pouso Alegre/Sao paulo

Drive to Cuiabá after lunch and flight to São Paulo at 18:45

Included: Breakfast, Lunch


Activity: Morning Photography, transfer to Cuiaba airport

-Domestic commercial flights with one checked bag
-Fully hosted trip from São Paulo
-All road transportation on confortable air-conditioned van
-Double occupancy accomodations
-Hotel in Cuiabá
-All meals while at the lodges
-Private boat with fast 4-stroke engine
-Mineral water during transportantion in the vans and in the boat
-Park entrance fees

-International air tickets
-Drinks when not mentioned above
-Meals while enroute
-Tip for boat driver


30% deposit (bank deposit)

Remainder (70%) to be paid 60 working days before the start of the safari

This Tour needs a minimum of 4 people to be confirmed.

The sign is a guarantee of registration and is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the trip, as well as is not valid for exchange of destination. The confirmation or otherwise of the departure will be made on 07/20/2020, or sooner, if we have already reached the minimum number of participants

* Single room supplement USD 695

Confirming the group, the value of the signal will be dropped from the input and if it is not confirmed, the value will be fully refunded.

What is the maximum number of participants?
This tour will have a max. of 6 people. We prefer to work with small groups for photo trips as this maximizes our photo opportunities and allow us to give better personal attention to each guest.

Is there a minimum number of participants?
Yes, we work with 4 as a minimum for our photo tours. In not reaching that number we contact the participants to offer a small party supplement so we can still make the trip. Custom tours don’t have a minimum or maximum number of people.

Are the trips suitable for non-photographer companions as well?
Absolutely, we receive non-photographers companions all the time and, as long as they also enjoy nature, they always have a great time.

Are the trips suitable for children?
It depends, but for most cases I’d say not really. If it’s an older children that has a strong interest on wildlife and nature photography than ok, but otherwise it’s really more difficult because we stay out long hours, often waiting in silence for a Jaguar to wake up or something like that. So it’s not a kind of trip I recommend for children.

Is crime an issue in the areas we visit?
No, the areas we visit, as well the lodges, are all very safe.

What level of photography expertise is required or recommended?
Every photographer will enjoy our trips, from the absolute beginner to the very experienced. Even if you have a very small experience and need technical help we will be there to help you and assist in varied situations so you won’t miss the shot.

What other photography assistance do you provide?
Probably one of the most important is to put you on the right place at the right time. Finding good light and good situations is 80% of wildlife photography, only the other 30% is technique and equipment. So, this is one of the main points. The others include technical assistance, insights into new or alternative techniques (like off camera flash), image critiques at the end of the day, image editing tips, etc.

Are we visiting areas that are considered dangerous for tropical diseases?
No. The Pantanal is not considered a dangerous area for tropical diseases like yellow fever or zika. Malaria is absent from the Pantanal or any other areas we visit during this tour.

Is there any vaccination needed?
While it’s not required, it’s probably a good idea to have yellow fever vaccination. If you often travel for wildlife photography you should already have it anyway, as this is recommended for a lot of African countries. This vaccine is valid for 10 years or for life, depending on which type you got.

What kind of biting insects should we find?
Mostly just “regular” mosquitoes and, in much smaller quantities, a kind of larger fly that bites and are often found at mid-day, the “mutuca”. Some repellent, long pants and trousers are enough to keep them at bay. During the warmer hours mosquitoes are rarely a problem.

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All these photos were captured during this Itinerary

I cannot thank Alex & Octavio for all the tips and support during this tour, me and my husband had a great time exploring Brazil and its incredible wildlife. For me seeing a jaguar just couple meter from our boat was something ill never forget
Susana Cueva

All our safaris are guided by qualified guides.

As long as I can remember, nature, animals, landscapes and remote peoples have always had a special place in my imagination.

Being from African descendants made me hear countless stories about that mysterious continent where animals live a wild life and where the landscapes are so vast that it never meets the horizon, it was through these stories that I knew one day my path and Africa would meet.

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