South Africa


The so called rainbow nation is a melting pot of cultures, landscapes & wildlife. Truly blessed with great weather, beautiful National Parks, sunny beaches, towering mountains and delicious wine, South Africa is a must visit in the African Continent.

All tough not the capital, Johannesburg is South Africa’s most famous city and the entry port for most visitors.
With a mix of new & old Johannesburg is the perfect place to spend couple days visiting museums, last minute shopping or a short day trip safari.

2 and had hours drive from Johannesburg lies the Pilanesberg National Park, a true haven for wildlife.
Home to the BIG5 this National Park is at the center of an extinct chain of vulcanos that last erupted some 1,200 million years ago.
The park is a perfect getaway for those with little time for safari but wanting a genuine experience.

Kruger National Park
Undoubtedly South Africa’s most famous National Park, with an area of about 19 485 km² this park is bigger than some countries!
Every year around 2 millions visitors enter the park in search of the thrill of seeing some of Africa’s most famous wildlife up close and personal.
Large herds of Elephants & antelopes roam the open spaces while carnivores like Lions, Leopards & Hyaena’s use the tickets to hide.
The birdlife is this park is also amazing and around 490 bird species have been recorded.
Lodging here is has diverse has the wildlife itself, from the Luxury lodges in the Sabi Sands to the rest camps inside the Kruger one will surely find something for every pocket.

Cape Town
The so called mother city is a gem tucked away between the ocean and the mountains!
There is so much to do see around Cape Town, going up the table mountain, visit the cape of good hope, learn about the apartheid in Robben Island to enjoying wine tours, no to mention soaking the beautiful weather on one of the idyllic beaches, Cape Town really does feel like the world in one city.



Kruger Safari

Big 5 & much more


Pilanesberg Safari

Daily safaris inside an extinct vulcano!

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